News | 14 December 2020
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Sit! And rejoice in our top dog names for 2020

Charlie continues to hold the number 1 spot as the most popular dog name in Wellington – with 184 dogs among the capital’s 10,000-strong canine population carrying the name.

Ella, the 2-year-old black Labrador, sitting on grass in a shady spot on a sunny day.

In at second is Bella – 151 dogs, followed by Poppy – 139, Molly – 120, Max – 115, Coco – 108, Ruby – 104, Archie – 85, Luna – 82 and Toby – 79. 

But we’re not the Creative Capital for nowt – and it’s in the lower reaches of the dog-moniker popularity list that things get – depending on your outlook – strange, inspired, brilliant or just bonkers. 
Pop culture, sports and even high art are apparently acknowledged with dog names including Virginia Wolf, Snoop Dog, Sonny Bill, Ru Paul, Richie McCaw, Dre, Jerry Collins, Van-Go, Monet, McCahon, Scarlett O’Hara, Satchmo, Lady Ga Ga, Jarvis Cocker, Humphrey Bogart, Huey Lewis, Hadlee, Billy Connolly, Captain Jack Sparrow, Douglas Biggie Smalls, and even Ellie-Mae (for those fans of The Beverley Hillbillies).

Bowie has proved popular – with 15 dogs bearing the name. 

Star Wars gets a look-in with dogs called, for example, Obi-wan Kenobi (2), Ewok and Chewbacca while there’s a nod to Game of Thrones with Princess Arya of Winterfell. 

And historical geopolitics gets a nod with dogs called Winston Churchill and the presumably-conflicted Castro Kennedy.

One interesting trend (is this just a Wellington thing?) is the growth in quite formal human names for some dogs – with posh names like Nigel, Anne, Monica, Terence, Stuart and Gordon – even Jeeves.

One owner has affixed a very posh name, Fenton, to his trusted companion – but we can only hope that’s in tribute to this legendary Youtube video.

Doug, the 2-year-old Border Collie cross Golden Retriever, smiling up at the camera from muddy grass.

But here, following deliberations by some of our staff sitting around having a pre-Christmas drink and a few supermarket mince-pie things, are the soaraway top-40 best dog names in Wellington.

  • Alphonse Capone

  • Amy Pineapples

  • Baron Zeus Winston Von Pugglesworth 3

  • Bruichladdich Ochdamh-mor

  • Captain Nana Spider-Pig Wolfenstein the Second

  • Castro Kennedy
  • Chaise Destroyer of Worlds

  • Cheese

  • Chipolata Von Fox

  • Coco Tui Megalodon

  • Colin Ladykiller

  • Detective Justice Butterfield

  • Douglas Biggie Smalls
  • Duke Berling Saunders-Ellingsen

  • Fenrir Baldur von Ritzweber

  • FN2187

  • Gofetch Quantum Leap Frankie

  • Hinekehua Dixie

  • Isabel (Eaglesham Isabel Pistol Packer)

  • Lord Percy

  • Los Pollos Hermanos

  • Miss Penny Money

  • Monty Woof McGavin

  • Mr Fish


  • Newt Commander

  • Norman Pint Imperius King

  • Obie Jupiter McWoofington

  • Poppadom Banana Pants McGee

  • Richie McPaw

  • Roxy-tala Moemalo

  • Russel Sprouts Gordon Bennett

  • S

  • Samson Kung Fu Panda

  • Sir Tobias Wigglebottom

  • Smutley

  • Technical Adviser Megabyte 

  • The Hulk

  • Vivienne Westwoof

  • Zoeroceros Flauschige

And here are the top 10 dog breeds

1.     Labrador  

2.     Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  

3.     Border Collie  

4.     Miniature Schnauzer  

5.     Staffordshire Bull Terrier  

6.     Miniature Poodle  

7.     Bichon Frise  

8.     Jack Russell Terrier  

9.     Golden Retriever  

10.     Huntaway