News | 6 May 2021
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Moa Point animal shelter gets some TLC

Clean, comfy kennels are making life better for both pups and people following Moa Point animal shelter receiving a well-earned upgrade.

A chocolate brown dog in a newly upgraded animal shelter, with concrete floor and yellow and black cage door.

The snazzy black and yellow upgrades include new security systems, new cages, self-contained kennels, a plumbing refurbishment, and improved security cameras installed.

With an upgrade to the plumbing and the wooden kennels being replaced, cleaning will be a much easier job for staff.

The new cages, made of yellow and black grating, will be an improvement for both the staff and the animals at the shelter says Team Leader Animal Services Damian Nunns.

“These new cages are much easier to clean for the staff. They are also much warmer and more comfortable for the dogs.”

The sturdier material will mean less chance of break-ins, and there have been several of those over the past few years.

 An Animal Control Officer holding a dog, with two women patting it, in an animal shelter with black and yellow cages.
People enjoying pats at the opening of the newly upgraded Moa Point facility.

“The new blocking panels in between the cages means the dogs wont bark as much and rile each other up.”

Built in 1968, the site has had upgrades over the years with the last renewal in 2015.

Property Manager Marie Gudopp says the timely upgrade will benefit all the animals that come through the dog shelter.

“The staff do such great work to accommodate all sorts of animals that come through their doors, including a peacock which was found earlier this year. This new upgrade will not just help the animals but provide better facilities for the staff.”

All the impounded dogs are provided with donated blankets and toys during their stay, and some volunteers even bake them home-made dog biscuits.

The team are always happy to accept donations, but request that people don’t donate bean bags as there have been too many incidents of the bags being torn apart.

Inside the new Moa Point Animal Shelter, looking down a corridor, with concrete floor and black and yellow floor-to-ceiling caged rooms on either side.

Owners of impounded dogs are required to pay a fee at the time of release. The first impound fee is $106, the fee increases with subsequent impounding in the same registration year to $170.

If owners continue to allow dogs to roam Officers can issue fines of $200 for failing to control and confine under the Dog Control Act 1996.