News | 26 June 2023
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Waste concrete gets new life under harbourside paths

The new bike and walking paths going in around Evans Bay are providing the means to get about in climate-friendly ways – and also helping reduce waste by making use of recycled materials.

View of roadworks being done in Evans Bay.

The base layer that’s been used under the latest stretch of the new bike and footpaths in Weka Bay and Balaena Bay is 95 percent recycled concrete and asphalt millings, and only 5 percent rock. 

Produced at the Council-owned Kiwi Point Quarry in Ngauranga Gorge, the mix uses clean used concrete, which might once have ended up in the landfill.  Tests show it is as strong and suitable for this purpose as more traditional aggregate mixes, which are typically made from 100 percent quarried rock. 

Man sitting on a tractor as part of the roadworks crew.

Council Transport and Infrastructure Manager Brad Singh says the recycled materials go through a crusher at the quarry, and the aggregate produced is virtually identical to rock-based alternatives. 

“We’ve trialled it under footpaths in some other places around the city and saw this as an opportunity to make greater use of it.” 

Man running on a footpath on the right hand side of the road.

Our contractor Downer has been working hard to get the new paths on the section between Weka Bay and Balaena Bay complete ahead of the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

The fine weather meant asphalt could be laid last week on the 240m section that’s been under construction – and people riding and walking around the bays are already making use of it. 

No matter how you are travelling, please take extra care in this area and watch for people on bikes. 

Person wearing a high vis orange jacket working on the road.

With this new stretch of paths in use, the point where people have to transition between the new bike paths and the traffic lanes has shifted. It is now in Balaena Bay on the city side of Maida Vale Road.  

Over the next few weeks, the team will be working on the hillside of Weka Bay installing a new section of footpath to make access to the bus stop safer and easier.  

Work in Balaena Bay to build stronger sections of sea wall and build the next section of bike and walking paths will begin in a couple of months’ time.