News | 2 March 2023
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Evans Bay historic site gets facelift

Wellington City Council is upgrading and maintaining the coastal wharves around Pōneke – and the Patent Slip jetty and Cog Park jetty at Evans Bay are next on the programme.

Evans Bay Patent Slip jetty with harbour in background.

The purpose of the coastal wharves upgrades is to ensure the wharves and boat harbour are maintained in structurally sound condition and are safe for the community to use for years to come.

The Patent Slip jetty’s poor state of repair means it has become unsafe over the years, with increasing risk of debris coming loose which is a hazard to vessels, recreational water users, and anyone trying to access the jetty. 

The site has been fenced off to the public for 14 years due to safety concerns, and much of the jetty will be removed, although a small section will be preserved for heritage purposes, with signage depicting the history of the structure going up when work finishes. 

Discussions with heritage advisors deemed it was appropriate to repair and retain the Cog Park jetty, also known as the Flying Boat jetty. 

Last year Council secured the necessary consent to demolish and partially rebuild a section of the Patent Slipway jetty. This involved working with heritage advisors, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Heritage NZ. Residents and local iwi were informed of the proposed work last year with no opposition. GK Shaw has been appointed as the contractor for the project.

The slip way first became operational in 1873, backed by British investors in the form of the Wellington Patent Slip Company. The Union Ship Company took it over, but it proved unprofitable to run and the harbour board took it over before leasing it back to the Union Company. Ownership of the site was transferred to Wellington City Council in the 1990s.

Work on the site starts this month (March) and is expected to be finished by June this year. A Traffic Management Plan will be in place for pedestrians and cyclists.

Work to renew the Flying Boat jetty at Cog Park is planned for 2024.