News | 7 June 2023
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Don’t fetch the paper - dog registrations are going digital

With an average of 200 new dog registrations being processed a month, Wellington City Council is making registering your dog easier, faster and more efficient by going paperless for the 2023/24 registration period.

Dog sitting on a couch next to a laptop.

Instead of the traditional printed forms, dog owners can easily register, or re-register, their furry friends online, through user-friendly digital forms.  

You can find the new dog registration form and re-registration form on our website. 

The new system is set to save a lot of time and paper and is a good follow up to the sustainable introduction of reusable metal One Tags in 2021 - which has saved an estimated 50,000 plastic tags from being produced in Wellington since the initiative began. 

With nearly 16,000 dogs in the Wellington City Council region, going digital will streamline the process for the Council’s Public Health Team. Under the Dog Control Act 1996, all dogs legally must be registered, with fees paid, by the time they are 3 months old. If you’re new to the city, switching your dog’s current registration from another council is free.  

Dog registration fees are due on 31 July each year. 

You will be charged a late payment fee of 50 percent of your registration cost if you pay after 31 July. 

Dog Fees for 2023/24 

Dog registration fees will be increasing for the 2023/24 registration period.     

These changes are part of the Council’s upcoming 2023/24 Annual Plan and were agreed by Councillors on 31 May 2023, following public consultation throughout April 2023. The Annual Plan is to be adopted at the Council meeting on 29 June for the year beginning 1 July 2023.    

For more information on Dog Fees, check out