News | 15 September 2022
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New venue for award winning performance group

The Wellington City Council is delighted to announce award-winning Silver Noodle Soup Film and Theatre Company has found a temporary home in Newtown’s Hockey Stadium thanks to the Aho Tini Strategy.

Silver Noodle Soup performing as the Spice Girls
Silver Noodle Soup performing as the Spice Girls

Silver Noodle Soup is just one of many creative groups and artists that will soon be rehearsing in new-found places and underutilised spaces throughout the city as part of Council’s commitment in its Aho Tini 2030 Arts, Culture and Creativity Strategy to provide spaces for the creative sector.   


Through the consultation with the creative sector in 2021, the message was clear – artists need access to more spaces where they can develop and showcase their work, says Aho Tini Programme Manager Sophie Jerram.  


“In response to this consultation, Council has been busy working with custodians of places that can be matched with artist needs and enabling spaces to be available for hire in venues around the city.  


“We are excited to celebrate the arrangement between Silver Noodle Soup and the Wellington Hockey Stadium. It is a great example of the creative sector in Pōneke utilising unconventional spaces to meet their needs.  


“We look forward to supporting more places to open their doors to support creativity in the city.” 


Silver Noodle Soup is a theatre and film-making company where young disabled people are fully included in the leadership and direction of all aspects of theatrical and cinematic creativity, development, and production. They were recently named Rising Star and Arts & Culture category winners at the 2022 Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards


They will be using the large, accessible, pavilion space at the Stadium to deliver drama classes and film-making workshops from October through to December. 


Silver Noodle Soup founder Bernadette Macartney says they’re all looking forward to using the new site as the base for weekly drama classes, film-making workshops, and probably some performances. 


“What's great for our group is that the club rooms are fully accessible for our members, including ramp access, accessible toilets, and a kitchen. We love the site’s homely aesthetic and sporty vibe too!  


“It's also good to have somewhere safe and pleasant outside where we can grab some fresh air and take a break. We can't wait to make the move and settle into our new home base,” adds Bernadette. 


Wellington Hockey’s Chief Executive Lisa Jones says they’re delighted to welcome Silver Noodle Soup to their home at the National Hockey Stadium.  


“We are excited to see the wonderful work that Silver Noodle Soup does in action and look forward to a long and happy partnership. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them and provide them with our pavilion to use as their new home base.” 


Wellington Hockey making its space available for art sector development follows the exciting announcement the Hannah Playhouse is re-opening later this year.   


If you're a creative individual, group or organisation looking for space, or a custodian looking to make space available, visit Council’s Creative Spaces and Aho Tini website sections for more information. 


And check out Silver Noodle Soup at the upcoming Disabled Artists’ Festival of Theatre (DAFT) with events and shows happening at venues around Wellington.