News | 5 June 2024
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New fixed bus lane cameras and when it’s OK to use a bus lane

From Monday 10 June new fixed cameras will be monitoring bus lane use on Adelaide Road and Manners Street.

Bus in bus lane on Adelaide Road with Bus Lane sign in the foreground.

This is part of Wellington City Council’s gradual introduction of fixed cameras to monitor key bus lanes and bus stops during the hours they are operational, to help make buses more reliable and efficient on the busiest commuter routes in the city. 

Fixed cameras are currently also monitoring the Courtenay Place East bus stops, with further locations to be confirmed as they get rolled out.  

Bus lanes play an important role in keeping our city moving, so people found using a bus lane illegally may be issued a $150 infringement fee.  

Nobody wants to get caught using a bus lane at the wrong time, so road users are encouraged to check signs for the hours a bus lane operates, and whether its a regular bus lane OR a bus-only lane. All bus lanes are clearly marked with signs and green on-road markings.

Bus lanes can be used by bikes, mopeds, motorbikes, and in-service taxis. Other vehicles can use a bus lane briefly (up to 50 metres) to turn left into another street or a driveway.

Bus-only lanes can only be used by buses.

An exception is emergency service vehicles, which may use both types of bus lane when responding to an emergency.

It is illegal to park in a bus or cycle lane – even briefly.

To brush up on how to use bus lanes correctly, check out this short video: How to use bus lanes correctly.

Future locations for fixed cameras will be added to the project webpage as they are confirmed at