News | 6 November 2023
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Landfill has a new front-end loader – and it’s fully electric

The recently introduced front-end loader at Wellington’s Southern Landfill is the first of its kind at a landfill in New Zealand, and will reduce emissions from the operational side of the landfill by up to 15 percent.

Darren Hoskins, Chris Matthews and Steven Hill in front of truck with landfill in background
Darren Hoskins, Chris Mathews and Eric Parkins at Southern Landfill

Wellington City Council’s Manager of Waste, Water, and Resilience Chris Mathews says this is another great step towards achieving the Council’s goals through its Te Atakura – First to Zero strategy. 


“Between 2021 and 2022 emissions at the Southern Landfill were reduced by 62 percent, mostly through our landfill biogas management agreement with LMS Energy, which started in 2022.


"This new electric loader is another example of initiatives we are taking to reduce emissions across the board.” 


Leach & Co, who manage the landfill operations under contract for the Council, introduced the front-end loader thanks to co-funding received from the Government’s Low Emission Transport Fund, administered by EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority). 

New E truck in action moving rubbish at landfill

Leach & Co Chief Operating Officer Steven Hill says replacing a diesel loader with an electric one is the most meaningful thing they can do to reduce their carbon footprint on the site. 


“The new loader will cut emissions from the operational side of the landfill by 10 to 15 percent, which is a significant reduction from just this one change to our operations.


“We’re keen to get more electric vehicles working at the landfill, but it depends on how this one works out as not all electric machines can be used in that environment with the really heavy duty stuff.”


A charging station has been installed at the landfill to charge the loader, which takes up to four hours. It has the capacity to charge two vehicles at once if another electric loader or similar joins the team. 


Manager Landfills Operations Darren Hoskins says he’s delighted to welcome the first electric front-loader to the Southern Landfill. 


“Anything that helps reduce our emissions is a big win, and we’re looking forward to getting more electric vehicles where it’s appropriate.”