News | 16 October 2023
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Fresh new trucks coming to a bin near you

Our rubbish and recycling trucks are workhorses and can collect up to 1,000 bins and bags a day, so we’ve revamped them to keep them in good nick.

Two people wearing high vis jackets standing infront of a recycling truck.

This year our contractor Enviro NZ is refurbishing our rubbish and recycling trucks, making sure they’re ready to hit the streets.  

They offered us a chance to add a fresh lick of paint on two brand new trucks as part of the wider fleet refurbishment, and we were keen to take the opportunity. By November the majority  of the Enviro NZ trucks will have been repainted.  

The trucks are brightly coloured, and share great tips to help you and your whānau prepare your rubbish and recycling.  

Team Leader Recycling and Rubbish Collection Tony Webster says the new trucks will hopefully catch Wellingtonians’ eyes and help share a few important messages.  

“There are a few simple things that people can do when it comes to sorting rubbish that really helps divert waste from landfill, like giving things to be recycled a quick rinse and making sure you don’t squash them before they go in the bin or bag.”  

Person wearing a high vis orange shirt moving a yellow and black rubbish bin away from a recycling truck.

Waste Minimisation Manager Jenny Elliott says anything that helps Wellingtonians to reduce how much waste goes to landfill is a big win.  

“Education is really important, if people aren’t sure how to recycle it’s hard to do it well. The new designs will help remind people what to do.”  

Enviro NZ’s Richard MacKenzie says the trucks are fitted with specialist technology and can take up to six tonnes of kerbside material.  

“They’re equipped to handle Wellington’s narrow and hilly streets, while we go about our work delivering a safe and sustainable kerbside service.”  

Rubbish and recycling truck parked on the side of the road.

Richard says the new trucks are fitted with cameras and technology that give drivers a clear view of what’s happening outside the cab, allowing them to monitor what’s being collected and keep on top of any recycling contamination.  

“I know our drivers are looking forward to showing off the new gear, so when you see our hardworking team out  on your street, don’t be afraid to give them a quick wave.” 

The first of our new trucks are on the streets and they’ll be rolled out one by one as they’re given a makeover, with the last coming to a bin near you in November.  

Check out our pdf for more information on how to prepare your recycling for collections