News | 22 August 2023
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Furry friends of the Harbourside Market

The Harbourside Market is a great place to meet wonderful people from all walks of life. As a bonus, you can also meet the furry friends that accompany them on their Sunday trips (maybe in the hopes of snagging a treat along the way).

Meet some of the cats and dogs of the Harbourside Market!

A blind cat being held up.

Meet Lucky

Little miss Lucky is the first cat to ever visit the market! At just four months old, she has had a hard start to life after needing both her eyes removed. Her owner Esther adopted her from the SPCA just over two months ago.

Now she gets to go on adventures with Esther, who buys and wears extra large hoodies backwards so that Lucky has a pouch to sit in. Since she has no eyesight, her other senses are super important and she can hear a bag of food rustling from miles away! Her owner says that she has labrador qualities because she can get greedy with food.

A dog wearing a harness.

Meet Gary

At 10 years old, Gary has spent his whole life as a bit of a mystery! Every vet visit has brought up a debate about what his breed is - sometimes he's a Huntaway Cross, other times he's a little bit Doberman.

His humans Paul and Sarah have been visiting the market since 2013, and Gary has joined in the past five years. While Gary's owners love Shelly Bay Bakery and the cheese stall, Gary is a sucker for the produce section and being able to watch the action of people shopping. 

Outside of the market, his interests are Lyall Bay, Trelissick Park and balls.

A man and his dog.

Meet Nancy

Sweet Nancy is a four-month-old Bassett Hound, and she has just recently started going to the market. Her and her paw-rent Jason have recently moved to Wellington from the Hawkes Bay, and love travelling around with their bike trailer. 

Jason describes Nancy's breed as "Sunflowers, as they love sleeping in the sun no matter how hot it is". Nancy also has a strong sense of smell, which makes the market a great experience for her!

Woman wearing an orange hoodie holding up a cat.

Meet Sunny

Sunny is a five-month-old rescue cat, and is the second kitty that's ever visited the market! Her owners Vanessa and Azdan have recently started taking her on adventures by putting her in a backpack and bringing her out with them. 

She loves visiting the Little Chilean Kitchen and Zaaffran Moroccan Food!

Two dogs sitting with their owner.

Meet Otto McSlinky & Aspen Nacho

These gorgeous White Swiss Shepherds are brothers! Otto (left) is four-and-a-half years old, and Aspen is just over five months old! Their human Tim has been visiting the market for eight years and has recently become an SPCA volunteer. 

Tim loves the dumpling truck and Shelly Bay Bakers, while the boys love Foxy Dawg! When they're not visiting the market, they spend their days with Tim at his job and often go for a swim and play on Oriental Bay on their way to and from work. 

Otto's special trick is finding golf balls at the Karori Golf Course. Tim wants people to know that Otto just finds them, and doesn't take them  he's a good boy!

Two people holding up a white dog.

Meet Fergus

This 13-year-old West Highland Terrier is a seasoned market goer as he's been visiting his whole life with his owners Callum and Bell. He's inspired by his mum, who has been coming to the markets since she was a kid living in Mount Vic! 

This doggo loves to paddle (he does not like to swim), people watch and occasionally dabbles in bird chasing. He can be stubborn sometimes and likes to flop down when he's tired and refuses to move.

Fergus absolutely loves the market, and especially enjoys visiting Foxy Dawg. He is extremely food driven though, so any food stalls work for him...

Close up of a white dog.

Meet Takarua (Winter)

This beautiful four-year-old Swiss Shepherd has been visiting with her humans Suzanne and Charlene over the past 10 years, and is described as "soft and placid". She is an active doggo and enjoys big walks, being outside and swimming when she gets a chance. Her favourite time to visit the market is when there is Waka Ama training so she can watch the action. 

Surprisingly for a doggo, she is not food driven but her owners love the dumpling truck, Masi Herbs and Montfoort! 

Come along to the Harbourside Market every Sunday, from 7.30am to 2pm, rain or shine, to see all the furry friends and browse the range of stalls. Or, check out our Behind the Stalls stories.