News | 4 November 2022
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Wonder-fur pups of the Harbourside Market

The Harbourside Market is a great place to meet wonderful people from all walks of life. As a bonus, you can also meet the furry friends that accompany them on their Sunday trips (maybe in the hopes of snagging a treat along the way).

Meet some of the dogs of the Harbourside Market!

Australian Kelpie/Koolie dog.

Meet Baxter

Baxter is an 18-month old Australian Kelpie/Koolie! He moved to Wellington with his humans Blake and Jessa five months ago and has been visiting the market ever since. He is a very good boy, loves frisbees and playing with balls, and gets quite an audience when he plays. Sometimes, he even gets an applause!

His favourite stalls are Foxy Dawg, Jenny's Dumplings, Porno Donuts and Shevington Eggs.

Two Siberian Huskies.

Meet Kisa and Korra

Nine-month-old Kisa and ten-year-old Korra are Siberian Huskies! This was Kisa's second visit to the market, while Korra has been visiting for two years.

Owners Niclas and Rhia tell us the dogs love the market as it has the best rocks to pick up and carry, and is a great spot for pigeon watching.

They love paddling in the water at Oriental Bay, then checking out the skateboarders before they head off to socialise at the market. Given their heritage, the Ukrainian fundraising bake stall is their favourite.

Black dog.

Meet Indigo

At only seven-months-old, this was Indi’s first visit to the market. He loved meeting all the people, and eating all the food! As a fussy eater, Indi will try anything but will spit it out if he isn't liking it. 

Owner Doug has been visiting for five years for the produce section and is partial to one of the market's donut stalls.

Border Collie/Retriever dog and a Border Collie.

Meet Bella and Ruby

Bella is a two-year-old Border Collie/Retriever, and Ruby is a one-year-old Border Collie. They have been visiting since they were pups and love being social at the market! 

They are also fans of watching Seagulls and love to hang out spot behind Mr Circle. Owners Ben and Bex have been visiting on and off for five years.

White and brown dog.

Meet Maya

Maya is only eight-months-old and this was her first visit to the market - how exciting! Maya loves catching frisbees at the beach, and her humans say it's her special talent. Her owner's favourite stalls are Spicetree, Shevington Eggs and Smoked Salt.

Come along to the Harbourside Market every Sunday, from 7.30am to 2pm, rain or shine, to see all the furry friends and browse the range of stalls.