News | 8 February 2023
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Load it right and cover it tight

Wellington’s Southern Landfill team will now turn away vehicles with inadequately covered loads to dramatically reduce rubbish escaping into the environment.

Trailer filled with rubbish destined for Southern Landfill

The wind, the motion of the vehicle and unexpected road incidents can easily disturb unsecured items, putting surrounding cars, people, and the environment at risk. 

Despite an education campaign including the use of nearby billboards, the message still isn’t getting through, so stronger action is required with a formalised policy being implemented says Manager Landfill Operations, Darren Hoskins.

“The irresponsible actions of some drivers not securing their loads properly leads to items falling off trailers and impacting the environment and marine life, frustrating the local community, and the Landfill staff who pick it up. 

“In future, we will turn insecure loads away, so our advice is to make sure rubbish is covered securely before starting the journey, and make sure it gets to its destination of the Landfill – not the surrounding land, streams and sea.

“Littering offences can also result in fines in some cases, so load it right and cover it tight,” adds Darren.

Make sure your larger items are properly tied down and completely covered and secure. 
Use rope, netting, straps or chain to secure your load. 
Double check that the motion of the car and/or the wind won’t move the load around. 
Check all sides. The load must be secure from the front, back, sides, and top. 


Don’t use elastic or bungee cords. They flex and stretch, allowing the load to move. 
Don’t leave light items unsecured on top of the load. 
Don’t overload your vehicle. 

Ask yourself:

Would I be happy following my vehicle? 
Is this load too heavy for my vehicle? 
Would this stay secure if there was an accident? 
Could the wind or movement make this rubbish airborne?