News | 6 December 2022
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Top Tip Shop second-hand gift picks

Christmas gifts don’t need to be expensive or flashy. Instead, why not pick out some thoughtful treasures from the Tip Shop?

Group of people at wearing high vis and santa hats.

By buying pre-loved gifts, you can save, find unique gifts that are less wasteful than buying something brand new, and still find something top notch for your friends and whānau. 

Our awesome Tip Shop staff have given us their favourite gift picks for you to check out. 

Person holding up a book.

1. Books for all ages

There’s something special about receiving a book that has been picked out just for you! With recipe books, picture books, novels and more, the Tip Shop has a huge selection to choose from.

Person holding up a record and a record player.

2. Records and record players

Give the gift of music! Dive into the record collection to see if you can find your friend or family member’s favourite artist or album, or find something new for them to try out.

Or if they don’t have one at home, surprise them with a record player and a few starter records to get their collection going.

Woman holding cookware.

3. Kitchenware and cookware

The perfect gift for your foodie friends and whānau! Maybe you can find the perfect serving dish for someone’s table, or find a platter for the cheese board loving fanatics.

Woman holding up a blue lava lamp.

4. Lava lamps

These funky lamps are making the rounds again, and they’re the perfect gift for those quirky people in your life. Pick one up to add some fun to their decor!

Or, there's plenty of other home decor options to look through and choose from to suit their aesthetic. 

Person holding a bag and wearing high vis.

5. Nik naks

From bags to ornaments, you can find something different in the troves of the Tip Shop. If you’re looking for a secret santa present, get bang for your buck by searching through the nik naks in store.

Why not try searching for a wooden box, basket, or jar that you could fill with food or gifts? Giving presents with a mix of used and new objects, rather than just new, is a great way to start being more sustainable.

Person holding puzzles.

6. Puzzles and board games

Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love, so why not get some board games and puzzles for days when you just want to relax and be in each other’s company! You’ll be surprised at what you find at the Tip Shop, from Cranium to 1,000 piece puzzles.

If you’re not sure what to get, the Tip Shop also has gift vouchers for those second-hand shopping fanatics. Or, you can follow their Instagram to see what goodies get brought in every day so you can nab the perfect gift as it comes in. Remember, second hand isn’t second best.

Find out more about the Tip Shop on our website.