News | 4 March 2022
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Occupation clean-up well underway

Wellington City Council staff and contractors are working through a long list of tasks in order to return the streets around Parliament to Wellingtonians as soon as possible.

Two trucks drive into Parliament to clean up rubbish.

Work is well underway to remove rubbish and items left by occupiers, deep-clean street furniture and infrastructure, and to check and repair city assets in the area including roads, signs, lights and wastewater pipes.   

Work includes: 

Replacing two street light poles. Our Transport and Infrastructure team has arranged for two damaged lighting poles to be replaced, both on Molesworth Street.  

Signals contractors are surface cleaning signals push buttons as complaints were received about protesters licking and pressing the buttons.  

All streets are being swept and rubbish collected. 

Teams are pressure washing surfaces and clearing sumps. 

Representatives from Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and cleaning contractors will undertake an inspection of the interior of the bus interchange and surrounding areas.   

Moving concrete bollards in coordination with Police. 

All public art and memorials are being inspected and cleaned by contractors.  

Paint residue will be removed, as will screws driven into the paving joints. 

A full washdown of the Cenotaph will be arranged by our Park, Sport and Recreation team as soon as possible, with extra machinery required to complete this.   

Gardens in the area are being inspected by our garden team. There is some tree damage in the area, and ropes and rubbish need to be removed. 

Removing a lot of graffiti from city assets. 

Removing pegs anchored into the Cenotaph walk way. 

Missing pavers to be filled with asphalt.

5 x parking signs and poles need installing.  

4 x signs need installing on traffic islands.  

Repairing benches and replacing slats on seats. 

Fixing rubbish bins.  

Repainting no parking lines. 

Replacing missing hydrant covers. 

Given the presence at the occupation of people known to have Covid, making sure all services are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is a top priority.