News | 18 February 2022
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Council boosts safety presence in central city

Wellington City Council has increased its safety and security presence around the central city in response to increasing anti-social behaviour towards members of the public, hospitality and retail workers.

People walking on a bust Wellington street.

The Council has been working hard to support the Police to deal with the protest occupation since it began at Parliament on Tuesday 8 February 2022. 

We have also established a dedicated Council team to address the wide-ranging operational issues that emerge. 

Over the past week, the Council has been receiving increased reports of anti-social behaviour including verbal abuse and aggression directed towards members of the public, local hospitality organisations, and retail workers. 

Update on Council response to Parliament Occupation
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Shop workers have reported increasing incidents of people refusing to wear masks in stores, coupled with aggressive behaviour when asked to respect mask requirements.  

The Council has increased the presence of Hāpai Ake/Local Hosts in hot spots across the city, partnering with Māori Wardens from around the district to provide more frequent patrols and greater visibility. 

The presence and patrols will continue over the weekend. 

The teams are working with our City Safety team which operates the city’s CCTV network around the clock and shares data, insights and incidents with the Police where necessary. 

If anyone feels threatened or unsafe in any way they are encouraged to immediately contact the Police by calling 105 for non-urgent reports or 111 if it’s an emergency. 

The Council fully understand and shares the frustrations and concerns of Wellingtonians over this situation, and is following every possible route and option we can. Security issues mean we are unable to provide detailed information about these possible approaches. 

We will keep Wellingtonians informed of developments, but we ask for your patience and tolerance while we work to resolve this difficult situation.