News | 14 May 2021
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Friday Five: Handy ways to support NZ Sign Language Week

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is an official language of Aotearoa – so let’s celebrate and support it! This NZSL Week (10-16 May) aims to showcase the language and provide people with opportunities to learn it. Here’s some handy resources to help you on your journey.

A man on the left demonstrating how to sign and the NZ Sign Language week logo on the right, with a yellow background.

1. How about beginning with a simple greeting? Learn how to sign ‘Kia ora, nice to meet you’, and many other signs using the free online NZSL dictionary.

Four circles in a row, each with a black and white illustration inside of a person demonstrating how to say words in New Zealand sign language.

2. Have fun with your whānau, family, and friends by learning your name and teaching others theirs! Find a PDF of the NZSL alphabet and lots more information on the NZSL Week website.

3. Take advantage of the Learn NZSL website, a free learning portal that can help you with signing in everyday situations.

4. What if a Deaf person finds themselves in a medical situation? The NZSL Week has a useful PDF with essential signs for when someone is unwell.

5. Finally, have you met Sign Boy? Check him out and other cool videos on Deaf Aotearoa - YouTube to learn a thing or two. The channel works closely with Deaf communities, government agencies and other organisations to increase awareness, promote NZSL and strengthen the rights of Deaf people.