News | 13 November 2020
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Easier for all to FIXiT with new features introduced

New features on the FIXiT app will make it more accessible for low-vision users to report any problems that need fixing around the city.

Image of hand holding phone with FixIt app on screen

Following reports low-vision users had issues with the FIXiT app not being legible when text was scaled up – the new version supports bigger fonts and works well with the phone accessibility options. The location screen has also been revamped to enlarge the location.

These new features certainly improve the FIXiT app user experience for low-vision users, says Mayor Andy Foster.

“Our teams did some testing with our Accessibility Advisory Group (AAG) and the feedback was positive, with comments that the new font options will help make civic participation more accessible for all users.”

Alan Royal, a member of the AAG which gives the Council feedback and advice from the view of people living with impairments, says it’s easier to use now.

“I have looked at the android app which I have already installed on my phone and find it (much) easier to use, especially with the large fonts (it makes mine even larger!). 

“Having said that, I have also found phoning Council both an effective and efficient way to get issues (whatever they are) resolved,” he adds.

Councillor Rebecca Matthews, the Disability portfolio holder and representative member on the AAG, says Wellington City Council takes its responsibility seriously ensuring the city is as inclusive as possible.

“It’s good to see we have responded to these issues when they were raised, and resolved them successfully too. 

“We are always trying to improve on accessibility and our services for disabled Wellingtonians.”

Services include BlindSquare and beacons, mobility transport, beach wheelchair and scooter hire, sign language and interpreter options to help communicate with Council, and an accessibility directory providing information about places and services available to all.

For Android devices, the new FIXiT version can be downloaded from Play Store, and the IOS version in the Apple app store. If the user is already using the FIXiT app, then they may have to go to the app store and select the FIXiT app, and update when prompted.

In addition to using the FIXiT app to report issues like graffiti, leaking pipes, street light outages, and weather related incidents, the public can contact the Council’s Contact Centre directly on 04 499 4444, or email via