News | 23 October 2019
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Funding boosts state of the arts in the capital

International Dance Day, Vincents' Art Workshop, Wellington Raw Comedy Quest, Māori instrument making workshop, and the NZ Deaf Film Festival are just a selection of the wide range of projects to receive funding from this round’s Creative Communities Scheme.

The Creative Communities Scheme (CCS), a partnership between Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand, is offered twice a year. The scheme supports projects that reflect the diversity of the capital’s culture and traditions, gets young people participating, have broad appeal and community involvement, and encourage engagement in the arts.

The CCS panel allocated $77K in this round, which was awarded to 26 recipients that met the grant criteria (see related links below).

Council Team Leader Funding Mark Farrar says the results from the funding contribute to the dynamic and appealing culture of the capital – for locals and visitors alike.

“Investing and supporting grassroots and emerging talent ensure Wellington maintains its creative edge by retaining artists and performers, and giving young people the chance to get funding for their own projects.”

The Good Time Gang’s Comedy Radio Hour, which performs in rest homes, received $5,780 for the project, which is as rewarding for the performers as it is the audience, says recipient Jenny McArthur.

“We wanted to do something with direct audience interaction because we both love that and thought that rest home audiences might most be in need of livelying up.

“Lynda (one of the co-performers) visited her mum in a home and saw people just sitting around for hours without any stimulation. With a bit of a laugh and conversation they came to life. Nurses don’t have time to both nurse and entertain. When she engaged them they would laugh and were happy to interact,” says Jenny.

“We get to come up with new material and work on new ideas, then we get to see their faces light up, and enjoy their gratitude and enthusiasm.”

The CCS panel is made up of individuals working in the cultural and arts sectors in the city, and have knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas: music, ngā toi Māori, Pacific arts, theatre, visual arts, craft/object art, etc. 

The CCS funding reopens in November with applications closing February 2020. The Arts and Culture, Natural Environment, Social and Recreation, and Waste Minimisation Seed Funds are all open for applications until 31 October 2019.

More information about the scheme and other funding opportunities can be found on our website, which also includes a list of past grant recipients. Or please call Mark Farrar from Council's Funding team on 04 803 8525 or email