Omāroro water reservoir

A new 35 million litre Omāroro reservoir in Prince of Wales Park is being constructed to make sure our water supply is more resilient to disaster and disruption.

Artist impression of Omāroro Reservoir completed project
Artist impression of the completed project

About the project

Wellington Water is managing the construction of the Omāroro reservoir, a large buried reservoir above the playing fields at Prince of Wales Park.

The reservoir will provide a significant increase in water storage for Wellington city and in the event supply pipes are disrupted, the reservoir will ensure 48 hours supply of water to the city.

As part of the project, the Council established a Community Reference Group with Wellington Water – a forum to ensure residents and park users have a say in the management of the project.

For more information visit:

Wellington Water - Omāroro project

Community Reference Group – Wellington Water


Key contact for the Omāroro Reservoir Project:

Russell Obee, HEB Construction community liaison
Phone: 027 394 4913