Omāroro water reservoir

The Omāroro/Prince of Wales Park reservoir will provide critical additional bulk water storage for Wellington’s central business district area and low-lying suburbs to improve operational and disaster resilience.

Artist impression of Omāroro Reservoir completed project
Artist impression of the completed project

The reservoir will also provide a significant increase in water storage for the city. In the event supply pipes are disrupted, this would take it from having less than a day’s worth of supply to approximately 48-hours’ worth.

The construction of the 35 million-litre reservoir – enough to fill 14 olympic swimming pools – above the playing fields at Prince of Wales Park in Mount Cook is being managed by Wellington Water.

As part of the project, the Council established a Community Reference Group with Wellington Water – a forum to ensure residents and park users have a say in the management of the project. For more information visit: Community Reference Group – Wellington Water


Wellington Water continues to work on the Omāroro Reservoir Pipelines Project in Mount Cook, installing pipelines to connect the planned Prince of Wales reservoir to the city network and making our water supply more resilient to disaster and disruption.

The Pipelines Project is set for completion in mid-2020 and will affect traffic in the area as new pipelines are installed down Hargreaves Street and then into Wallace Street which is a major arterial road.

While every effort is being made to reduce impact on commuter traffic and disruption, this will cause delays and disruptions, but this is sometimes unavoidable due to the location of the pipes and for health and safety reasons.

Traffic information will be well sign posted. Please take care and follow directions, or use alternative routes avoiding the Mount Cook area.

We are working closely with residents in the area, and pedestrian access won’t be affected.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation in improving the city’s water infrastructure.

More information

For more information about this project and key contacts, please visit Wellington Water – Omāroro project.