Karori Town Centre: Public Space Improvement Project

Work to improve the people’s experience around the Library Square and England Lane will start by mid-2019.

An artists rendering of what the new Library square will look like.

Artist impression of the design: Library Square and England Lane improvements (Option B). This is the view from Karori Road into the new Library Square.


This work builds on the vision developed by the community in 2017 for the Karori Project.

Current Status: Detailed design phase

January 2018 - Guided by public feedback completed in November 2018, urban designers are now finalising the design details to improve public space around Library Square and England Lane. This option (Option B) proved the most liked out of four designs that went out for public consultation.  

The Library Square upgrade will provide attractive, comfortable and sheltered spaces that will also support public activities in the library and the café. Improvements to England Lane will enhance the experience for people as they move around the town centre. Overall, people will enjoy better access to the Community Centre, the Arts and Craft Centre, the Recreation Centre, and the future Events Centre.  

Construction is set to start in 2019 as soon as a contractor has been appointed. It’s expected to take nine months. 

Further  work

We are also exploring other ways to create a vibrant town centre. Projects include the development of the St John’s site; the extension of a Karori Business Improvement District (BID); and improving people and vehicle movement and safety around Karori’s town centre. We will provide more detail as it becomes available.  

Public engagement

  • 5-28 November 2018: The public provided feedback on four design options. We received 300 submissions through an online and onsite engagement process. Of the four options, Library Square/England Lane (option B) received the most likes with nearly 40 percent stating they liked that option. Nearly equal proportions of respondents, 26 and 23 percent respectively, liked options A and C. Over half of the respondents said they did not like option D and just under half did not like option C.
  • October 2018 workshop: Assessed draft options against design criteria and Karori’s future vision
  • September 2018: Developed ideas and tested solutions.
  • August 2018: 49 people attended an introduction evening at the Karori Community Centre. People that attended included residents; business owners; representatives from local groups, schools and businesses; and Onslow-Western Ward Councillors. To read more about the event see: News - Public give feedback on shape of Karori’s future 27.08.18.

About the project

This project builds on the work from the 2017 Karori Plan which established four ‘shifts’ to take Karori from where it is now to where it should be. 

These are:

  • Having Green to Living Green
  • Split to Connected
  • Outpost to Magnet
  • Dormitory to Daytime Economy

If you aren’t familiar with the 2017 Karori Plan, you can find out more at: Karori Project 2017

More information

Gerald Blunt, Design Manager
Urban Design team
Phone: 04 499 4444
Email: ud.karori@wcc.govt.nz