The Basin Reserve

The Basin Reserve is one of New Zealand’s most picturesque and historic cricket grounds.

A scenic shot of the green at the Basin Reserve.

The Basin Reserve is a historic area and is ranked as one of the world’s top 10 cricket venues. It's known as one of New Zealand’s most picturesque and historic cricket grounds but is in need of work to ensure it continues to hold this reputation.

The 2015-25 Long Term Plan set aside $21.2 million for a ten year programme of development and refurbishment. The work involves discrete projects to be done over the ten years: 

  • upgrade the Groundsman's Cottage
  • upgrade the RA Vance Stand 
  • refurbish the scoreboards
  • relocate the Brierley Pavilion and use the resulting space to create a children’s playground and more terrace seating
  • redevelop the Players' Pavilion
  • either demolish or strengthen the Museum Stand
  • improve public amenities including toilets, seating and entranceways.

The project goals

The work will:

  • keep the Basin as New Zealand’s premier test cricket venue
  • celebrate the heritage of cricket
  • open up the ground for use as a local recreation space and a space for community activities
  • strengthen the Basin’s ‘village green’ feel 
  • create a more connected and outward-facing Basin Reserve.

Progress report

These parts of the project are completed:

  • New building for grounds keeping staff and preservation of the historic cottage
  • Refurbishment of the R A Vance Stand
  • Refurbishment of the iconic Basin Reserve scoreboard
  • Refurbishment of the Players’ Pavilion 
  • Refurbishment of the terrace seating 
  • The Brierley Pavilion has been relocated to Zealandia

Parts of the project currently in process:

  • Seismic strengthening and refurbishment of the Museum Stand

Future tasks:

  • Improve public amenities including toilets, fences, embankments and entranceways
  • New design for children’s play area

The original document developed for this project is available to view. See: The Basin Reserve – Our village green in the heart of the coolest little Capital.

Key buildings

The Groundsman’s Cottage

Built in the 1880s, the Groundsman’s Cottage is the oldest structure on the Basin Reserve site. It has had many changes of location and building alterations and by 2013 it was in bad condition and presented a health and safety risk to ground keeping staff. It has now been refurbished to create ground keeping facilities that are fit-for-purpose and it now sits proudly above the new grounds keeping facilities in the south western corner of the ground. 

The Museum Stand

Built in 1924, the Museum Stand is registered as a Category 2 historic place. It is earthquake-prone and the grandstand has been closed to the public since 2012. The building houses the New Zealand Cricket Museum which remains open to the public.

At its meeting on 17 May 2018 the City Strategy Committee agreed to strengthen and refurbish the Museum Stand.  The roof structure will be strengthened to 100 per cent New Building Standard (NBS) and the building to 50 per cent NBS. Funding for this work is to be re-allocated from the funds set aside for flood lighting in the 2015-25 Long Term Plan (which did not include provision for strengthening and refurbishing the Museum Stand).  The Basin Reserve Trust has undertaken to contribute $1m towards the work. When the work is done the stand will once again house the NZ Cricket Museum, the offices of Cricket Wellington and public amenities.

The RA Vance Stand and Players Pavilion

The RA Vance Stand and Players Pavilion together house spectator, player, umpire and media facilities and corporate hosting spaces. The RA Vance Stand has been significantly upgraded inside and out. 

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