News | 9 June 2023
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10 fun facts about the Brickman LEGO® exhibition at Tākina

The largest LEGO® exhibition in New Zealand is currently on at Tākina, with over 6 million pieces of LEGO® bricks being used. Check out some fun facts about the Jurassic World by Brickman® exhibition from the mastermind, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught.

Brachiosaurus made out of lego.

1. There are over 50 large-scale dinosaurs, props, and activities at the exhibition, made with over 6 million LEGO® bricks! 

2. The entire exhibition was designed to travel but takes two weeks to assemble. There’s a team of 30 that put together the exhibition. 

3. The exhibition took a whopping two years to plan and 12 months to build, and is the largest exhibition the Brickman team has done! 

Jurassic World t-rex behind a jeep.

4. The Brickman team worked closely with Universal Pictures to stay true to the films. This can be seen in the replica of the Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic Park, which has the same number plate and speedometer numbers as seen in the original movie.  

5. The exhibition isn’t based on just one of the movies, but it’s inspired by the whole Jurassic World franchise. 

An island made out of Lego on a table with a projection on top of it.

6. The entire exhibition has been made so you can experience different elements from the film. When you first walk into the exhibition, you arrive on Isla Nublar and get to experience the journey of arriving on the island. You can then experience multiple science labs, and encounter larger than life dinosaurs. 

7. You can walk underneath a Brachiosaurus that weighs over 1.8 tonnes. It was also made to be the size of what a six-week-old dinosaur would be like in real life! 

Jurassic world exhibition of the lab.

8. There are a few Claire and Owen figurines hidden throughout the exhibition – if you can count the correct number, then you can win free LEGO®! 

9. There are over 2.5 million bricks to play with! The exhibition has many interactive elements where you can have a go at creating different items. Within the Lab, people can create tiles that will make up a giant picture. There’s even a section playable for children under three.

Lego exhibition with two dinosaurs made up of lego infront of a red curtain.

10. A lot of the dinosaurs within the exhibition have been made extra strong so they can be touched – so people can go up to Blue and Delta to give them a hug! 

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