News | 21 March 2023
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How to complete a hook turn

Learn how to use hook turns, a road marking for people on bikes, to safely turn right at busy intersections in Wellington.

Animated image of an intersection.

Hook turns are a safer and more comfortable way for people on bikes to turn right at an intersection because they allow you to stay on the left side of the road at all times.  

You may see signs at intersections where hook turns are recommended.  

Hook turns can be used at almost any intersection, but some of our intersections have a painted hook turn box.  

When the lights ahead of you turn green, you can then bike across the intersection keeping left.

Being ahead of the traffic means you are more visible to drivers, but just make sure you've been seen.  

It can take time to get used to new infrastructure, so do take care and look out for each other whether we're biking, walking, or driving.