News | 16 November 2022
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Biannual sand shift happening next week

In preparation for summer, Wellington City Council will be shifting some sand from Freyberg Beach to Oriental Bay.

A yellow digger truck scooping up sand on the beach by the shoreline, with the water and land in distance behind and golden sand in foreground.

Weather permitting, the beaches will be closed 21-22 November while the heavy machinery does the redistribution work. 

This year there’s less sand to shift, approximately 600m3, likely due to wetter weather reducing windblown sand shifting and/or fewer strong wind and storm events.

The beach will be open for the Splash and Dash event on Wednesday 23 November.

Signage will be up, and our staff will be around to ensure safety and provide information and assistance if required. 

Find out more about the biannual sand shift in this story from 2021.