News | 30 September 2022
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Friday Five: Wellington ways to wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 26 September to 2 October, but your mental health deserves your care and attention every single day.

View from Johnston Hill in Karori.

We get it – sometimes, things get so busy it becomes easy to put our mental health on the back-burner.  

You can prioritise your mental health by focusing on the five ways to wellbeing. These are simple yet proven actions you can use to find balance in life, build your resilience and boost your overall wellbeing.  

Here are some ways you can tick off these five actions in Pōneke. 

People dining outdoors.
Image from WellingtonNZ

1. Connect  

Focus on talking, listening, being present and connecting with others. Why not head to a one of the many amazing cafes in Pōneke with your friends or whānau and have a chat over a steaming mug of goodness? Check out this awesome list of Wellington’s best cafes from WellingtonNZ. 

City Gallery.
Image from City Gallery Wellington

2. Keep learning 

Open up your mind by embracing new experiences and opening yourself up to new opportunities – you might be surprised at what you enjoy. The City Gallery will stretch your creativity, or dive deep into history at Te Papa or the Wellington Museum. You could even spend a day browsing one of our Wellington City Council libraries to get out a new book, hire records, pick out some movies and more. 

Meerkat from Wellington Zoo.
Image from Wellington Zoo

3. Take Notice  

It’s easy to sweat the small stuff, but it’s also the small and simple things that make life enjoyable – like seeing native birds flourish at Zealandia, or getting up close to wild and wonderful animals at Wellington Zoo.  

View from Johnston Hill in Karori.

4. Be active  

Move your mood by getting outdoors, or enjoying any movement your body needs. Fresh air and great views work wonders when you need a pick-me-up. Know someone who could also benefit from spending time in nature? Invite them to walk one of the amazing tracks that Pōneke has to offer. 

People working at Kaibosh.

5. Give 

Giving to others can be done by being generous with your time, your words and your presence. You can also look out for people by supporting and donating to charities like Kaibosh, Gender Minorities Aotearoa or Good Bitches Baking. It’s the thought that counts.  

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city.