News | 9 August 2022
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New range of collars fit for every catwalk

Wellington City Council is launching its new spring collection of collars designed to keep your cat safe – and our native birds even safer.

Rescue cat Colin Feral wearing cat collar
Rescue cat Colin Feral sporting the latest fashion accessory

Fresh off the rack from the Newlands Community House, these bespoke designer-wear collars will turn your tabby into a glamourpuss, and the reflective strip around the collar will make them more visible in low light conditions.

The collars are brightly coloured red, orange, green, yellow and blue spots making cats highly visible to eagle eyes and bird brains.

This initiative is just one of many ways Council supports responsible cat ownership, says Animal Liaison Officer Kate Baoumgren.

“In Wellington cats need to be microchipped and we encourage the de-sexing of cats. These are some of the first steps towards responsible pet ownership.

“These cat collars help to keep both our pets and native birds safe. Other options include installing a catio, keeping your cat in at dusk and dawn, and feeding them a high protein meat diet.”

The cat collars, made by a group at the Newlands Community House, are designed to loop over a cat’s regular collar so it doesn’t obstruct the safety-release.

Recent reports show native bird numbers are soaring in Pōneke, says Council’s Urban Ecology Manager, Henk Louw.

“Bird numbers have increased significantly over the past decade because of Wellingtonians taking action for nature. These collars make cats more visible and it gives our birds a little bit more time to move away safely.

“It’s encouraging to see those efforts to keep cats safe also has benefits for Wellington’s biodiversity.”

You can buy Smart Cat Collars online for $17 each + $2 shipping.