News | 23 August 2022
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Cancellation of bus lane infringements

Wellington City Council is cancelling tickets issued to cars for use of the bus lane between Hall Street and 20 Riddiford Street (opposite Wellington Regional Hospital) between 11 July and 16 August 2022.

Double decker bus pulled up at bus stop in Newtown near hospital

While signage about the new bus lane met legal and safety requirements, we received lots of feedback that the new road layout was confusing, and signage about the changes did not give people enough warning.

We will refund anyone who has paid their infringement already. This will happen over the next four weeks.

The traffic resolution that will formalise these changes is currently out for consultation until 5pm Wednesday 31 August. After consultation finishes, Councillors are expected to decide on changes and any suggested improvements in mid-September. This process will involve a consideration of the adequacy of the signage and road markings and any possible improvements.

Chief Planning Officer Liam Hodgetts says, “We acknowledge that changes of this nature are big for everyday users of the road, and it takes time for people to familiarise themselves with the new roading layout. If the changes are approved, we will have a two-week period of issuing warnings before any tickets are issued.

To continue to keep people safe on this route, we will be monitoring and responding to any issues that arise, including possible infringements and towing of parked vehicles obstructing the bike lane.

We are contacting anyone who received or paid an infringement for using the bus lane.

More information about the network and consultation can be found at Newtown to city  |  Projects - WCC Transport Projects

  • 1544 tickets were issued during this period for driving in the bus lane. A ticket for being in a bus lane when you should not be is $150.
  • Of those, 320 tickets have been appealed, however these tickets will now be cancelled. 
  • 350 tickets, totalling $52,500, have already been paid and will be refunded.
  • No tickets were issued for people obstructing the cycle lane, but warnings were issued for the first four weeks.
  • We are sending letters to everyone who received an infringement notice during this period. It can take up to four weeks to refund payments, depending on the payment method they used. 
  • The bus lane signage meets legal requirements outlined in the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings guidance and was installed on 02 June 2022.
  • Warnings were issued to vehicles that were illegally using the lane during the five-week period between 2 June and 11 July.