News | 5 July 2022
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Help shape better bus and bike trips from the west

Plans for bus and bike improvements between the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā and the city are open for feedback from today (5 July) until 26 July 2022.

Artist render Botanic Garden ki Paekākā bike network Bowen Street

Wellingtonians have asked for better transport options, more housing, and action on climate change. Improvements on this route are among the many ways Wellington City Council is getting on with it.

As part of preparing our city for the future, the Council is planning to make interim improvements for people riding bikes and using buses between the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā, and the city and waterfront via Tinakori Road, Bowen and Whitmore streets. 

The changes will complement improvements already planned through the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme and expected to start in late July or early August, which will make the intersection of Bowen Street and The Terrace safer and easier for people on foot. 

The bike and bus improvements have been developed based on expert technical advice, and some adjustments have already been made to the plans in response to suggestions from local businesses and community groups.  Over the next few weeks, we’re keen to hear from people through our Transports Projects site to see whether there are any other tweaks that could be made to make the changes even better. 

Bike network plan design for Bowen and Terrace

Pūroro Āmua (Planning and Environment) Committee Chair Councillor Iona Pannett says the improvements planned to this key route from the western suburbs, and in other areas, will enable more people to get around in zero or low-carbon ways, support growing neighbourhoods and free up space for people who need to drive.

“They are an integral part of improving public transport and making it safer and easier for more people of all ages and abilities to choose to make some trips by bike or scooter if they want to.

“The Council is grateful for the involvement of people in the local community who have worked hard to provide some great suggestions to meet the needs of multiple groups.  We look forward to further engagement with the community on this matter,” she adds. 

The changes include:

  • Uphill bike lane on Bowen Street and Tinakori Road to the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā entrance, separated from the traffic lane with low rubber dividers and marker poles similar to Brooklyn Road.
  • New shared downhill bike and bus lane – this will be peak-hour only on Tinakori Road (7am-9am and P120 parking at other times) and full time on Bowen Street.
  • Bike lanes on either side of Whitmore Street connecting Bowen Street to the waterfront, separated from the traffic lanes with low rubber dividers and marker poles.
  • Reduction in on-street commuter parking. Parking alternatives are listed at

The plans, and information about the changes, are available online at It’s easy to provide feedback online, alternatively, a FreePost form can be downloaded and printed, or phone us on 04 499 4444 and we will send you one.

Councillors will consider the feedback and are expected to make a decision on 11 August. If approved, work is likely to start about September and take several months.

Once the designs are in place, people will be able to experience the changes and provide further feedback which could be incorporated into more permanent changes in the future. We’ll also be collecting data to evaluate how well the changes are working.

Making changes in this way helps to get some bus and bike improvements in place as quickly as possible so more people can benefit ahead of the more extensive and permanent street changes that will happen on key routes through the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme.