News | 17 March 2022
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A dynamic, creative, vibrant future for our Capital City

Wellington City Council’s new draft Economic Wellbeing Strategy will guide a stronger, more sustainable, creative and inclusive economic future for our city.

A group of three people eating and drinking on the balcony of Fortune Favours.
Fortune Favours bar and restaurant, credit Pivot Photography

The Wellington vision is of a dynamic city with a resilient, innovative, low carbon economy that provides opportunities for all, and protects the environment.

Council’s draft Economic Wellbeing Strategy proposes shifting from thinking about economic development in isolation to considering a more holistic economic well-being approach.

Mayor Andy Foster says it is vitally important that we take a holistic approach, accounting for social inequalities and impacts on the natural environment.

“The draft Strategy focuses on building on our economic strengths, while also considering the crucial role of wider environmental issues such as affordable housing, efficient infrastructure and transport systems, and maintaining and enhancing our city’s world leading quality of life.”

The strategy is supported by six outcomes and an action plan to make the strategy a reality:

  • sustainable business and career pathways
  • transitioning to a circular economy
  • a business-friendly city
  • centre of creativity and digital innovation
  • celebrate our capital city status
  • a dynamic city heart and thriving suburban centres.

Mayor Andy Foster says although we are in uncertain times, we can have confidence in the future of our city.

“COVID restrictions and working from home have significantly affected our city economy, and Council is working hard with business and the arts, culture and events sector to reactivate our Central City as soon as we come through the worst of Omicron.

“There has been extensive engagement over the last 24 months with multiple business sectors in developing this draft Strategy. This is a really important strategy for our city, not just for the Council,” says Mayor Foster.

“A consistent message from business was that, despite the immediate COVID related challenges, business fully supported thinking about both the short and the longer-term opportunities for our city. This draft Strategy does exactly that.

“We see opportunities to build career paths, attract much needed skilled people, and build closer relationships between Council, business, education, community and the Government.

“We see specific opportunities in knowledge-based industries, digital technology and film, and making more of being the Capital City, the keeper of the nation’s treasures. The Strategy also deliberately has an extensive programme of specific actions.”

Councillor Jill Day, Chair of the Pūroro Rangaranga - Social, Cultural & Economic Committee agrees.

“A lot has changed in our city in the last few years – how we think about economic development has changed too. We want economic prosperity that is inclusive and doesn’t leave people behind, and doesn’t negatively impact on the environment, but moves us towards a carbon free future.”

To find out more about that strategy and have your say, you can:

Consultation is open from 14 March to 25 April. The final proposal will be presented to Council in June 2022.