News | 10 November 2021
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Time to trim the Queens Wharf sails

The landmark sails on Queens Wharf are being removed as they are no longer shipshape – but a replacement is on the horizon.

Queens Wharf sails lit up at night for bike event

The sails, which were installed in 1995, were custom made for Queens Wharf, and have long surpassed the manufacturer’s expectations for duration. A recent inspection indicated the material was no longer in good enough condition for safety reasons, so removal starts next week.

Parts of Queens Wharf Square will be cordoned off as local contractors will be using heavy machinery to remove the sails, rigging and masts. 

Works are expected to run from Monday 15 November to Friday 19 November between 7.30am-5pm, but is dependent on weather as calm conditions are required.

Once removed, the masts and guy cables will be repaired, and new sails will be manufactured, with an estimated return of the sails in April 2022.

Replacement sails funding is in the Long-term Plan and price is $500,000 including removal and reinstallation.

The Queens Wharf sails have become synonymous with a site to meet, host events, and a place to start from. Consent was originally applied for in 1991, and plans for the area originated in 1992 under the then Mayor, Dame Fran Wilde, and construction finalised in 1996.