News | 22 November 2021
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Hataitai roundabout work completed

The installation of a mountable roundabout and additional roadworks to address community concerns for pedestrian safety at the busy four-way intersection at Hataitai Village has been completed.

A footpath with yellow non-slip strips and a planted area next to the roadside, with a roundabout in the middle of an intersection and a two-storey building over the road with blue sky above.

Work started in late June with the construction of the large mountable roundabout at the intersection of Moxham Avenue, Waitoa Road and Hataitai Road. 

The roundabout opened to traffic in early September while other additional work continued. The restoration of the footpath and the installation of new bike racks, benches, and trees and garden beds has been completed.

Artist RangiKipa, of Taranaki Whānui, Te Atiawa Nui Tonudesigned the artwork on the roundabout which has a circular design symbolising the tides and currents of the sea and the coiled-up tails of the taniwha. 

The bespoke roundabout artwork took 28 days to cure during which time it couldn’t be driven on. The roundabout is intended for buses to drive over it when turning. 

Chair of the Council’s Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Sean Rush says the decision to improve the intersection had huge input and involvement from residents. 

“The Council first started engaging with the Hataitai community after issues were raised over safety at the intersection. Nearly 800 people, businesses and organisations responded, with the majority being residents.

“More than half of respondents said that they had either experienced, witnessed or were aware of crashes or near misses at the intersection. While traffic lights were considered early on as a solution, based on feedback and assessment of other options, a roundabout became the preferred option.

A painted pedestrian crossing with yellow non-slip strips on the footpath and a wide four-way intersection with buildings over the road and blue sky above.

Council is grateful for the strong participation from the local community and the patience of the affected businesses.  

Thank you. With your help we have made the Hataitai intersection a much safer place.