News | 8 October 2021
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Friday Five: Blooming good places for blossoms

Brighten up your weekend by visiting some of the best flower spotting destinations in Pōneke.

A garden bed of orange, yellow and red tulips.

1. Botanic Garden ki Paekākā 

Every year the gardens explode with colour in preparation for our Tulip Sunday event. Take yourself for a walk and admire the vibrant displays before they're gone! You'll find them near the Glenmore Street entrance to the Botanic Gardens ki Paekākā.

A blooming wisteria in the Bolton Street Cemetery.

2. Bolton Street Cemetery

Believe it or not, Wellington's oldest cemetery is a blooming good spot for a spring time walk. Enjoy the wisteria, daffodils and other wildflowers growing between the graves.

A beautiful pink cherry blossom tree.

3. Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park

Catch the last of the cherry blossoms at the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park before they blow away in the Wellington wind. There is a bus stop conveniently located just across the road on Molesworth Street, and a supermarket nearby if you feel like packing a picnic.

A bright yellow kōwhai tree in full bloom with blue sky in the background.

4. Ōtari-Wilton's Bush 

We can't forget about our beautiful native flora and fauna! The kōwhai and kākābeak flowers are all out at Ōtari-Wilton's Bush, creating a sweet feast for native birds. You can find out more on the Wellington Gardens website.

Kākābeak bush in full bloom with a Kākā bird sitting in it eating.

5. Roy Street

It might not technically be a garden or a park, but Roy Street in Newtown boasts some of the most beautiful magnolia trees in Wellington. Located just around the corner from the Wellington Zoo and Newtown Park, it's a great spot to pass through on your weekend adventures. The Southern Walkway and Truby King Park are nearby too! 

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city (depending on our Alert Level!)