News | 9 July 2021
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A day in the life of a Parking Officer

Meet Jacob and Caitlin, Parking Officers for Wellington City Council.

Two Wellington parking officers, Jacob and Caitlin, in their black uniforms, smiling and leaning against a billboard-plastered pole in the middle of a street with bright blue sky, parked cars, and a pedestrian crossing behind.

The duo enjoy working outdoors and having Wellington city as their office.

Caitlin, who has been working for Parking Services for 1.5 years, says the job is more about education and helping people rather than enforcement.

"I just love working outside and interacting with people."

"I think people think we are just there to give out tickets, but we are also there to get people moving, to keep people safe like cyclists. People who park on footpaths – we don't want them there because that means people in wheelchairs or parents with children in prams can't get past."

Jacob, who has more than four-years experience in the role, says every day is different and getting the views of the city is a highlight.

Wellington City Council Parking Services Manager Kevin Black says Parking Officers play a vital role in keeping Wellington city moving.

"We have to make sure that streets run efficiently, that people can access businesses and shops. We only have a limited number of parks and there's always high demand for those parks so having Parking Officers on the streets helps ensure those car parks turn over and lots of people have the opportunity to find a park when they need to find one."

Our Parking Services team are looking for passionate, positive, and motivated people to join them as Parking Officers. To find out more, watch our YouTube video and check out the job advert on our careers page.