News | 6 May 2021
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Wellington ranked most creative city for 20th year running

Wellington continues to be Aotearoa’s most creative city, according to the 2020 Infometrics Creativity Index.

Nine Tūrama Light Beams raising to the dark night sky out of glass bottles, with the moon and Wellington's light-speckled hills in background.

Wellington has now topped the rankings for the last 20 years, with a significant lead over other cities.

Over the year to March 2020, 6.3 percent of Wellington City’s workforce – just under 10,900 jobs – were employed in the creative sector, compared to the national average of 3.6 percent. Check out the stats in more detail here: New Zealand’s most creative city in 2020 | Infometrics

Nataša Petković-Jeremić, Manager of City Arts and Events at Wellington City Council, believes it’s important to bring creativity and collaboration to everything we do in Wellington.

“Wellington is New Zealand’s creative capital for good reason. Wellingtonians love the arts, culture, and creativity, and the city attracts thinkers, creators and innovators”.

“To reflect this dedication to the arts, Wellington City Council has recently developed Aho Tini 2030, a strategy which will lead us through the next 10 years of innovation and creation in our city.”

Aho Tini 2030 combines the review of the 2011 Arts and Culture Strategy, together with the original Aho Tini principles (2018), to give a new direction for cultural wellbeing in our city. It will enable Wellingtonians and visitors to explore and experiment with their own creativity.

Wellington City Council's Aho Tini 2030, Arts, Culture and Creativity Strategy is currently open for consultation. There is only a few days left to get your feedback in as consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 10 May.