News | 22 April 2021
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Making a difference bay by bay

With the new walking and bike paths in Kio Bay nearing completion, work is getting under way on the next stretch around the point and into Weka Bay.

A new path being put in around Kio Bay, with a large truck, digger, and other machinery laying fresh asphalt with workmen on site.

Our contractors Downer asphalted another 300m of bike path last week, and have begun excavating the road edge on the next section ahead of putting in the new kerb line through to the middle of Weka Bay.


The development of this next 250m section will take a few months and will include a continuation of the new concrete footpath and asphalt bike path. At the southern end of Weka Bay, it will also include a new low concrete wall between the two paths. 


Some finishing work will be going on in Kio Bay too.


This will include work on the hill side around the properties at the southern end of Kio Bay, and the marking and installation of the new pedestrian crossing and beacons.


The contractors are also progressively installing a new timber and stainless-steel mesh balustrade. 


As the work progresses, most of the construction barriers in Kio Bay will be removed, and the daytime stop/go traffic management and location of the one-way section set up slightly further around the coast.

To help keep everyone safe, please remember to take extra care where work is happening.


The temporary 30km/h speed limit around the construction zone applies at all times.


Like the improvements at Ōmarukaikuru/Pt Jerningham and along Cobham Drive, these changes are part of developing Tahitai – the coastal route between the city and the east. They also form part of Te Aranui o Pōneke/the Great Harbour Way.

They are providing more space so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy this amazing part of the coast, get some exercise or commute in and out of the city more sustainably.


About 35 percent of the city’s emissions come from road transport, so changing the way we get places some or all of the time by making more trips by public transport, on foot, by bike or other sustainable modes is something we can do to help make a difference.


More information about the Tahitai path is on our Transport Projects website.