News | 15 January 2021
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Friday Five: Fun facts about Welly's iconic Cable Car

Have you been on the Cable Car recently? The Cable Car is more than just a lift up to the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā from Lambton Quay.

A shot of the red Cable Car on a sunny day, with Wellington buildings and the harbour in the background.

It’s used every day by commuters, couples, families, kids and visitors alike for lots of different reasons. So, if you’re stuck for something to do this summer, why not take the Cable Car on a journey of your own. 

Here’s why…

1.It’s an historic landmark of Wellington

The Cable Car was established in 1889 and started operating in 1902 by the Upland Estate Company. Since the 1979 upgrade, each car has completed more than one million trips! 

2. You can make a date of it with a loved one

Why not jump off at one of the stations and grab some food and drink. There’s a few places to choose from on Lambton Quay or Kelburn Village Pub. Alternatively take a picnic and a romantic stroll through the Botanic Garden. During January you can finish the evening with free music at our Gardens Magic event.

3. You can hire it for parties or take the kids to the space port

Follow the Cable Car's Facebook page to check out the photos from their kid’s parties and to find out when the next fun event is taking place.

4. There’s a free light show every time you enter a tunnel 

Developed by interactive lighting designer Angus Muir, passengers that ride through the two 100-metre long tunnels will be surrounded by bursts of LED lights that flash on and off to create some stunning patterns and imagery. The new lights can be programmed with set routines to feature specific content for special events.

5. It’s perfect for eager photographers

With beautiful views of Wellington, you're bound to get some stunning shots from the viewing platform, the Kelburn Park Fountain at the Salamanca Station, or at the Talavera Station where you can watch the cable cars bypass each other.