News | 3 December 2020
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Behind the Stalls: Anna Campbell

In Behind the Stalls, we visit some of the colourful characters of Wellington waterfront’s Harbourside Market. In the fourth of 10 stories, we meet Anna Campbell of The Oatery.

Anna Campbell looking out the front of her white caravan shop, The Oatery, where she sells porridge and granola bowls at Harbourside Market.

Just as Goldilocks had a taste for the humble oat, so does Anna Campbell.

In fact, Anna enjoys a good bowl of porridge so much that she had a bright idea that meant she could revolve her life around it.

Two years ago, she launched The Oatery as a tiny stall that has now grown into a retro caravan, which you can find parked up and serving oaty delights at the Harbourside Market every Sunday morning.

Anna thinks oats – full of vitamins and minerals – are the perfect food, and she’s passionate about sharing the love through her porridge and granola bowls.

“I felt like there was a gap in the market when it came to breakfast offerings – there was nothing that healthy that could fill you up and keep you going.”

This lead to The Oatery, which aims to provide breakfast options where people don’t have to choose between nutrition and flavour.

“It’s a tasty, healthy breakfast for when you’re on the go.”

A hand holding a white paper cup with the words The Oatery in black, filled with oats, banana, and peanut butter toppings, with the harbour out of focus in background.

Using what’s in season and local ingredients, Anna mixes up the menu from month to month, always offering a selection of fresh and creative flavour combos.

Much of Anna’s menu is vegan friendly. She also makes muffins, filter coffee, and her specialty granola bags, which are stocked at Moore Wilson’s Fresh and soon to be in other stores too.

“I have always been interested in food and loved it,” Anna says. 

“I use a lot of local produce. I try and use really good quality and support small businesses where I can.”

Quick Q&A with Anna

Where did your idea for The Oatery come from?
I was travelling through Europe and came across a very similar concept in Copenhagen and fell in love with it!

What do you like about Harbourside Market? 
I really like the vibe. You get to know all the other food truck owners. It’s something wholesome and fun to do on a Sunday. I really enjoy getting to know my customers. The Harbourside Market is a big part of my life. 

What keeps you on your toes?
Being in Wellington it’s pretty windy and the caravan is pretty light. There’s been a couple of instances where we have almost blown away... sandbags are my friend!

What is something surprising about your business?
The people that help me at the market on a Sunday are usually just my friends and family who come along to work and enjoy the day.