News | 9 June 2020
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Safer speed limits proposed for Karori

Wellington City Council is inviting the community to have its say on a plan that would see a speed limit reduction in two busy Karori locations.

Marsden Village in Karori.

The proposal is to introduce 30km/h speed zones at the Karori and Marsden Village shopping areas, in an effort to make these areas safer and more pleasant for all road users.

The 30km/h speed zones have already been introduced in 15 other shopping areas around Wellington. This has been part of a programme that was launched by the Council to improve safety through town centres with a high density of pedestrian, vehicle, and cycle traffic.

Studies indicate that even a small decrease in speed has a large beneficial impact on the reduction and severity of accidents and injuries, with research showing that the emergency stopping distance for vehicles travelling at 30km/h is half that of a vehicle going 50km/h.

Suburban shopping areas have a high concentration of activity, with people crossing the road, buses pulling into and out of bus stops, drivers moving in and out of parking spaces, and service vehicles and taxis loading and unloading goods and passengers.

All these activities take place on often busy main roads. A lower speed limit can help them take place more safely and contribute to improved amenity in these busy public spaces.

Members of the community can have their say and find out more about the proposal at

Consultation is open until Monday 22 June.