News | 2 June 2020
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Southern Landfill bulk Recycling Centre reopens

The bulk Recycling Centre at Wellington’s Southern Landfill has reopened to the public with traffic controls in place to ensure Covid-19 Alert Level 2 guidelines are maintained.

Image of a pile of recycling for Recycling Centre reopening to public

Staff will manage the site for appropriate physical distancing between people, and vehicle registration will be recorded for any potential contact tracing purposes.

The public can drop-off glass, plastic, cans, paper and cardboard, but the site is currently not accepting textiles, or E-waste or donations to the Tip Shop.

The Tip Shop will remain closed at Level 2, so customers are advised not to bring any reusable items as these cannot be accepted.

All of the items that are dropped-off at the Tip Shop need to be manually handled and closely inspected by staff, so systems are being planned for the Tip Shop to operate with the required hygiene requirement, contactless transactions and physical distancing.

The recycling bins will be emptied on a daily basis. It’s recommended that customers drop-off items to Recycling Centre on their assigned recycling day where possible to avoid large queues, and the bins being filled to capacity early in the day.

To help keep queueing time down customers are asked to pre-sort their recycling before they visit: cans and plastics together, paper and card separate, glass sorted by colour. Glass should be easily accessible as customers will be directed to the glass banks first.

The Recycle Centre is open 8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 4.30pm on Sundays. Access is closed outside of these times.

For more information, please read our FAQs here (PDF 212KB).