News | 29 May 2020
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Council approves City Recovery Fund

Wellington City Council has adopted a framework to manage the new Tipu Toa: Build back better, City Recovery Fund.

Creative design banner for City Recovery Fund

The Fund was established at the Council Meeting of 9 April 2020 as part of the Pandemic Response Plan. Its purpose is to support initiatives that will contribute to Wellington's post Covid-19 economic recovery.

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster says $7.6 million is available from now until June 2021 to support and boost the economic recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.

“We have had many discussions with key sectors that have been hit by this pandemic and know they have innovative ideas to get Wellington back up on its feet.  We welcome conversations with those sectors to bring those ideas to life.

“We expect this fund to support events, initiatives and partnerships that will revitalise the City; re-create, create or retain jobs; support and invigorate the arts, culture and hospitality sectors; present Wellington as a strong domestic tourist destination; and positively contribute to Wellington's economy.

“Employment will be a key factor in Wellington’s recovery so proposals for funding which support job re-creation, and protection of jobs will be an important factor in allocating the funds.

“Given there is likely to be a number of stages in the City’s recovery, the funding will be managed to respond to quickly changing circumstances.  We are seeking to support well considered and strong projects or initiatives that will help Wellington get back up on its feet,” says the Mayor.

Council also has commitments totalling an additional $2.6m for a series of events, programmes and initiatives that form the platform to support the economic recovery.

More information on the fund can be found at