News | 8 April 2020
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Wellington City Council’s leaders contribute $340,000 to community groups

Wellington City Council’s Mayor, Councillors, Chief Executive and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) will be taking a voluntary 10% pay reduction for the rest of 2020, and will redirect that money to those most in need.

Panoramic view from harbour to the city.

The changes to the remuneration of the Council’s elected members and executive staff come as the Council looks to fill a potential $70m shortfall caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The package also includes a pay freeze for ELT for the first six months of 2021, bringing the total contribution from elected members and executive team members to around $340,000.

Mayor Andy Foster has also written to the Remuneration Authority requesting that there be no increase in Wellington City Council’s elected member remuneration when it is next considered.

Mayor Foster says the decision to take this course of action was driven by a strong desire to help out as the City faces a huge challenge to get back on its feet.

“We are all very aware that many in our community are feeling a lot of pain at this time. Businesses are really hurting, many people are losing jobs or are on reduced hours. We as the Council’s leadership team decided unanimously that we should personally recognise the pain of our community.

“We are also aware that many community welfare organisations have increased demand placed on them at this time, and that many of our wonderful community groups will lose direct revenue and sponsorship, so our collective support will benefit a range of organisations that are doing fantastic work in our City.”

Chief Executive Barbara McKerrow explains “We are all extremely passionate about Wellington and see this as a way we can collectively lend a hand to those who will be most affected by the pandemic. At the same time we will be working very hard to support our City in every way we can to recover from this crisis, and as Chief Executive I will be conducting a thorough review of all Council costs.”