News | 23 March 2020
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Southern Landfill closed to the public and kerbside recycling stopping for now

As of 5pm tonight (Monday 23 March), the Southern Landfill will be closed to the public. This includes the transfer station, recycle centre and the Tip Shop. There will also be no sale or delivery of Capital Compost for now.

Rubbish Waste at the Happy Valley Landfill.
Landfill facilities are closed to the general public.

Wellington City Council Waste Operations Manager Emily Taylor-Hall says the decision to close the site to the public reflects the Government’s heightened alert levels, and will allow the team to concentrate on essential collection services and keeping the landfill fully operational.

"The landfill will remain open to commercial account vehicles except on Sundays when the gates will be closed,” she says. “And everyone else will still be able to use kerbside rubbish services."

"But for now, we just ask that householders hang on to anything they might have been planning to drop off at the landfill, and think about home composting their green waste."

Landfill gates will be closed for commercial operators on Sundays, except sludge trucks will still be allowed access as per the current arrangement for overnight tipping.

Rubbish bags are available from most supermarkets.

Kerbside recycling collections will also cease after close of business on Wednesday 25 March. CBD recycling services will cease on Tuesday close of business.

"We encourage people to not put recycling in their rubbish where possible, so our rubbish collection team doesn’t get overwhelmed and this critical service can still operate smoothly,” adds emily.

What to do with your waste

  • Kerbside rubbish collection services are continuing as usual. This is deemed an essential service and we will be doing everything we can to ensure that public health is not compromised. Check out our website for collection dates
  • Recycling can be placed in your WCC rubbish bag or your private rubbish wheelie bin, or you can save your recycling where possible – but ensure it’s clean for health and safety reasons. Please note we are unable to advise when recycling services will resume.
  • Official yellow rubbish bags are available from supermarkets. A number of commercial companies also offer private wheelie bin collection services – you’ll be able to find plenty of options if you google waste collection services.
  • Green waste – now might be the time to consider home composting. Check out our  web page for some useful tips
  • We’re not selling any Capital Compost products at the moment. This will be great news for you once we re-open, as the longer compost has time to mature, the better the product will be at the other end.
  • Please be responsible with your waste. No fly-tipping or illegal dumping please.
  • If you have things you were planning to bring to the Tip Shop, please hang on to them for now, or think about whether someone else might find them useful.

Regarding other essential services:

In light of the Government’s raising the Covic-19 response alert, Wellington City Council is re-directing its focus and workforce onto essential services which the public reply on.

The Council is focused on the public’s long term welfare and the city’s key infrastructure, including water, sewage, electricity, transport and the contractors who deliver Council services.

Some of the key changes the public needs to know are:

  • Wellington Zoo and Zealandia are closed to the public.
  • Local Host regular patrols are being diverted to provide outreach services within the community, and monitoring Wellington’s CCTV as needed.
  • Animal Services will no longer carry out patrols. The will respond to urgent calls, and continue caring for animals in our care.
  • Dog registrations are currently on hold. If your dog’s registration is due to expire, we will automatically update the Council records until normal services under the Covid-19 resume.

We will provide an update tomorrow with decisions outstanding such as parking services.

For all updates on Wellington City Council services and facilities, please keep an eye on and for the latest news.