News | 4 April 2019
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Local street art promotes moped rider safety

Wellington City Council is using street art from around the CBD to help promote safe riding to people on mopeds (small scooters up to 50cc), and encourage them to be aware of their surroundings.

Council is using street art from around the CBD to help promote safe riding to people on mopeds
Moped in front of David Bowie mural

The Council’s Transport Safety Education Coordinator, Anna Blomquist, says the campaign features some of the fantastic urban art in Wellington’s central city and targets the behaviour of moped riders with three simple messages to improve their safety.

“We’re focusing on riding situations where there’s an increased risk of crashes: looking out for hazards on the road such as slippery surfaces, making sure that other road users can see them, and riding in a predictable manner.”

The most recent figures from the New Zealand Transport Agency show that in 2018 there were 33 crashes involving moped riders in Wellington City. Fifty percent of those involved in crashes were under the age of 30.

Wellington District Road Policing Prevention Co-ordinator Laurence Vautier says recent joint Council and Police motorcycle checkpoints have shown some worrying examples of under-inflated and bald tyres. 

“While a moped does not require a Warrant of Fitness it does need to meet the Warrant of Fitness standard, and the Police will enforce this. Maintaining a safe vehicle will reduce your risk of a crash.”

Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman, the Portfolio Leader for Transport Strategy, says moped riders tend to be younger and need to take extra care to stay safe. 

“We also encourage riders to invest in good quality riding gear, especially gloves and a full face helmet, and consider taking a riding skills course.”

The campaign is jointly funded by the Council and New Zealand Transport Agency, and is live until the end of April.

Council staff worked with moped riders, rider instructors, retailers and the NZ Police to come up with the safety messages, and the featured artists are acknowledged as part of the designs. We’d also like to acknowledge the on-going support of Scooterazi.