Our Living City Fund

This fund aims to improve Wellington’s quality of life by strengthening urban-nature connections and building economic opportunities from a healthy environment.

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About this fund

The fund will support projects and activities like community conservation projects, community gardens, green infrastructure (living walls and roofs), resilience to natural events, reducing emissions, reductions from stationary energy, transport, water and waste.

Past allocations (62KB PDF)

Fund objectives

  • To support community initiatives and projects that grow Wellington’s natural capital and reduce our environmental impact.
  • To support initiatives which provide opportunities for community enjoyment and kaitiakitanga of Wellington's natural environment.
  • To strengthen Wellington's connections with nature to safeguard and develop one of our greatest strengths – our quality of life.


Your project makes a positive contribution to achieving the Council's Strategic Outcomes:

Towards 2040: Smart Capital strategy

  • People Centred City:  Contributes to healthy, vibrant, affordable and resilient communities, with a strong sense of identity and ‘place’ expressed through urban form, openness and accessibility.
  • Connected City:  Supports a city with easy physical and virtual access to regional, national and global networks.
  • Eco-City:  Allows the city to proactively respond to environmental challenges and seize opportunities to grow the green economy.
  • Dynamic Central City:  Supports a central city of creativity, exploration and innovation, helping Wellington to offer the lifestyle, entertainment and amenity of a much bigger city.

Long Term Plan 2012-22 priorities

  • An inclusive place where talent wants to live
  • A resilient city
  • A well managed city
  • Annual Plan priorities for the relevant year.

The project is Wellington-based and mainly benefits the people of Wellington. (Exceptions may be made for projects based elsewhere in the region, but which significantly benefit Wellington City residents).

The applicant is a legally constituted community group or organisation.

The applicant provides evidence of sound financial management, good employment practice, clear and detailed planning, clear performance measures, and reporting processes.

The applicant outlines how physical accessibility has been built into project development.

The applicant outlines how pricing has been set to ensure access by a wide range of people or by the intended users.

The project should show evidence of community support, collaboration, and building partnerships with other organisations (e.g. social media interest, letters of support from other organisations/leaders).

The applicant must show that the project discernibly improves community wellbeing and adds value to the range of similar types of services in the community.

The Council respects mana whenua values and aspirations for the environment. Demonstrate how your project reflects an understanding of Wellington’s history, how to care for the land and resources and an understanding of wāhi tapu.

To find out more about these criteria, see the application guide:

Our Living City Guide (153KB PDF)

Focus areas

  • Green infrastructure and green urban networks
  • Biodiversity and pest management, including beach, stream, and harbour cleanup
  • Resilience to natural events
  • Healthy communities, including community gardens.
  • Reducing emissions from stationary energy, transport, and waste and facilitating renewable energy development.
  • Water; conservation, efficiency and quality

More information

Tim Park
Environment Partnership Leader

Phone 04 806 4739
Mobile 021 247 9739
Email tim.park@wcc.govt.nz

Funding Advisor

Phone 04 803 8562
Email funding@wcc.govt.nz