Classes for preschoolers include music and movement, tumbling tots and swimming lessons.

Instructor and preschooler in learn to swim lesson.

The following courses are available for preschoolers:

Active fun play

A safe and friendly environment filled with soft play equipment for your pre-schooler or school child to use.

There's no need to book, just turn up on the day during term time. Children must be supervised at all times.

Where When  Age  Cost 
ASB Sports Centre Monday 9.30am–11.30am

1.5–4 years


$5.50 / $4.40 with Leisure Card
Thursday 9.30am–11.30am
Sunday 9.30am–11.30am 1.5–10 years

For more information, contact: ASB Sports Centre on (04) 830 0500 or email:

Baby Jam

Baby Jam is a casual, free play session suitable for babies to new walkers. Small trampoline, ball pit, swing and colourful soft equipment.

Where When Ability Cost
Nairnville Recreation Centre Tuesday 9.30am–12 noon Crawlers to new
walker babies
Gym Jam at Nairnville Recreation Centre.

Gym Jam at Nairnville


Gym Jam

Gym Jam is a safe, friendly and fun indoor playland filled with soft play equipment and a bouncy castle for your preschooler to use. No need to book, just turn up on the day. Children must be supervised at all times. 

Where When  Age  Cost 
Karori Recreation Centre Friday 9.30am–11.30am

Under 2 years

Friday 9.30am–11.30am 2 years and older $4.50
Nairnville Recreation Centre Saturday 9am–11.30am 2–4 years $4.20

Gym tots

A step up from Tumbling Tots, this class incorporates gymnastics and ball/bat skills as well as having a different circuit each week providing climbing and balancing challenges. This class will help improve children’s body awareness, confidence, gross and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, climbing, balancing and ball skills in a fun way.

Where When  Age  Cost 
Karori Recreation Centre Saturday 10.30am–11.15am

3.5−5 years

$75 for 10−week term / $8.50 casual class 

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For more information, contact: Karori Recreation Centre


A fun-filled, creative and engaging class which focuses on exploring the foundations of artistic gymnastics, while introducing gymnastics skills and movements on all four apparatus (vault, bar, beam and floor). This class is a great way to build coordination, flexibility, and strength - all skills which are transferable to any sport.

Where When  Age  Cost 
Nairnville Recreation Centre Thursday 3.20am–4.10pm 4–6 years $64 for 8–week term / $72 for 9–week term / $80 for 10–week term

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For more information, contact: Nairnville Recreation Centre

Music and movement

There are a range of classes for preschoolers involving moving to music.

For session times, costs or to book, check out the Recreation Programmes or contact the venue.

Boppers and hoppers

An activities class giving children the opportunity to gain confidence and explore with music and movement with a basic circuit that gives a variety of challenges.

 Where When Age  Cost
Nairnville Recreation Centre

Monday 10.30am−11.15am

1−2 years (confident walkers)

$56 for 8−week term / $63 for 9−week term / $70 for 10−week term
Wednesday 9.15am−10am

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Giggles and wiggles

A fun session for parent and child to explore the world of music and movement together.

Where When  Age  Cost 
Karori Recreation Centre Monday 11.45am–12.15pm

0−12 months

$65 for 10−week term

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Musical tots

Giving children experiences in singing, listening and playing to develop confidence and self-esteem.

 Where When Age Cost
Karori Recreation Centre Monday 10am−10.40am

1.5−3 years

$70 for a 10−week term

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Toddlers and waddlers

An even balance of music and physical play with our preschool equipment.

 Where When Age Cost
Karori Recreation Centre Wednesday 9.30am−10.10am 6 months−2 years (crawlers to new walkers) $70 for a 10−week term
Wednesday 10.20am−11am 1 year−2.5 years (new walkers to confident walkers)
Nairnville Recreation Centre Friday 9.20am−10.00am   $56 for 8−week term / $63 for 9−week term / $70 for 10−week term

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Tumbling tots

A fun class to develop the foundations of physical activities such as running, jumping, climbing and balancing.

Where When  Age  Cost

Karori Recreation Centre

Tuesday 9.15am−10am

2−4 years


Thursday 9.15am−10am

2−4 years


Saturday 9.15am−10am 

2−4 years


Nairnville Recreation Centre

Monday 9.15am−10am

2−4 years

 $60 for 8−week term / $67.50 for 9−week term / $75 10−week term

Wednesday 10.15am−11am

2−4 years

Friday 9.15am−10am

2−4 years

1.5−2.5 years

ASB Sports Centre*

Wednesday 9.15am−10am

1.5−2.5 years

Leisure Card: $54 for 9−week term / $60 for 10−week term

$8.50 casual class

Wednesday 9.15am−10am

2.5−4 years

Friday 9.15am−10am

1.5−2.5 years

Friday 10.15am−11am

2.5−4 years

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* ASB Sports Centre only: single casual entry if spaces available: $9.50

Tinytown early birds

Activities include games, song and dance, parachute games, activity circuits, racing car circuits, face painting, inflatable toys and bubbles. Only available during the school term.

Where When  Age  Cost 
Kilbirnie Recreation Centre Monday 9.30am−10.15am 2−5 years $6.70 casual class / $5.30 Leisure Card 
Thursday 9.30am−10.15am

For session times, costs or to book, check out the Recreation Programmes:

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Or contact the venue: Kilbirnie Recreation Centre

Swimming lessons - Swim School

The Council's Learn to Swim classes and Aquatic Courses are for all ages and abilities.

For more information or to book, phone the Council's Contact Centre on (04) 499 4444 or See: Swim School

Preschool playtime (toddler day)

A fun learning experience for caregivers and toddlers in a water environment.




Karori Pool

Tuesday 9.30am−11.30am

Normal pool entry charges apply


Tawa Pool

Friday 10am−12 noon

Swimming lessons - private

A personalised coaching service that can cater to your needs - whether you want to learn to swim or improve your swimming technique. Bookings essential.

Where Session  Cost 
Karori Pool 30 minutes $56.70
Keith Spry Pool 30 minutes  $56.70 
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre 30 minutes $56.70 

For more information or to book, contact the relevant pool: 

Shooting Stars

Preschool balls and skills class suitable for 2-5 year olds. Indoors or out - depending on weather. Note, this class is held during Terms 1 and 4.

 Where When  Cost

Nairnville Recreation Centre

Friday 11.15am–12pm

 $67.50 for 9–week term