Wellington is a lively city with a thriving cultural life, talented people, and cutting-edge businesses.

Cover of Wellington 2040: Smart Capital.

It's the nation's capital, home to three universities and has the country's highest average income. It is also a compact city with a dramatic landscape and good infrastructure.

Towards 2040: Smart Capital

Wellington City Council's long-term strategic vision, Towards 2040: Smart Capital, builds on Wellington's strengths to help achieve economic growth, greater success and an improved quality of life for all Wellingtonians.

As the city grows, Towards 2040 will help us respond to:

  • climate change
  • the needs of a more diverse population
  • the challenges of changing technology.

Towards 2040 also reflects a set of values that strengthens the city's special character and identifies four strategic goals for the city:

Towards 2040: Smart Capital

Long Term Plan 2012/22

The Council has used the Towards 2040: Smart Capital strategic vision to guide the development of its long-term plan. The plan sets out what the Council will be doing over the next 10 years to progress the goals set out in our 2040 vision document.

Long Term Plan 2012-22