Executive leadership team

Executive leadership team of Wellington City Council.

Kevin Lavery

Kevin Lavery

Chief Executive Officer:  Kevin Lavery
Email: kevin.lavery@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Linda Vekula
Phone: 04 801 3462



Kane Patena.

Kane Patena

Director, Governance & Assurance:  Kane Patena
Phone: 04 801 3278
Email: kane.patena@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Kym Taupau
Phone: 021 531 516

Mayor’s Office, Democratic Services, International Relations, Issues Resolution, Audit, Risk, Legal, Security, Business Continuity and Emergency Management

Derek Fry

Derek Fry

Director, City Growth & Partnerships:  Derek Fry
Phone: 04 801 3487
Email: derek.fry@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Robyn McDonald
Phone: 04 801 3487

Innovation, Council-controlled Organisations and City Growth Projects, Major Events, City Arts and Events, City Shaper

Andy Matthews.

Andy Matthews

Chief Financial Officer:  Andy Matthews
Phone: 04 801 3757
Email: andy.matthews@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Tania Morgan
Phone: 04 801 3757

Financial Strategy and Planning. Financial Accounting and Transactional Services, Business Reporting Analysis and Performance, Business Information and Technology

Jeremy Baker.

Jeremy Baker

Director, Strategy and Communications: Jeremy Baker
Phone: 04 801 3682
Email: jeremy.baker@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Anne Jonathan
Phone: 04 801 3682

Strategy and Research, Policy and Reporting, Communications, CEO’s Office, City Arts and Events, Innovation

Greg Orchard

Greg Orchard

Chief Operating Officer:  Greg Orchard
Phone: 04 803 8585
Email: greg.orchard@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Ellie Stewart
Phone: 021 227 8563

Property, Building Resilience, City Housing, Parks, Sports and Recreation, Community Networks, Digital

David Chick

David Chick

Chief City Planner:  David Chick
Phone: 04 801 3593
Email: david.chick@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Betsie Lotter
Phone: 04 801 3593

Transport and Waste Operations, City Planning, Urban Design, Building Compliance and Consents, City Resilience

Nicola Brown.

Nicola Brown

Director, Human Resources:  Nicola Brown
Phone: 04 803 8248
Email: nicola.brown@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Abbigail Bishop
Phone: 04 499 4444 or 021 819 212

HR Services, Organisational Development, Health, Safety and Wellness