Tawa Valley Pathway

Porirua Stream.

Porirua Stream


Wellington City Council and the Tawa Valley Pathway Walkway Committee (a local community group) worked together to build a shared walkway and cycle route. The route follows the rail corridor and provides a new shared pathway from Willowbank Park to Kenepuru Railway Station.

The shared path provides a safer cycling route and encourage more people to get about on foot or by bike. The 5km walkway links to nearby streets, the shopping centre and other key spots like railway stations, schools, recreational areas and parks.

The Council worked closely with the local community on this project.

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Tawa Valley Pathway (Ara Tawa) officially named

On 27 October 2012, the pathway was officially opened and named as Tawa Valley Pathway - Ara Tawa.

The new name was chosen from over 100 entries submitted to a competition run with Tawa residents.

Route design

We divided the shared path into three sections:


The project was funded over three years and cost $4.5 million. The project was completed with the assistance of NZTA as part of the national land transport programme.

Completed stages of the project

Sections 2 and 3 of the project were completed in 2013.

  • In October 2012, Section 2 was completed and opened.
    This includes a new pedestrian railway crossing between Duncan Street (by Tawa College) and the Tawa Pool. The crossing provides a much-needed link between the school and the local recreational facilities, such as the pool and Grasslees Park.
  • In November 2013 , Section 3 was completed on the east side of the stream.
    This comprises:
    • a bridge across the stream at the back of Linden Park
    • links to the pathway through Linden Park to connect with Findlay Terrace, around the back of the Wrestling Gym.
  • There has also been some planting along the footpath
    • in Findlay Terrace and Linden Park:
    • around the back of the Wrestling Gym in the area of the old shed foundations
    • behind the realigned fence along the bank of the stream.

The planting was carried out by Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves and The Lions Club of Tawa.

Section 1 was completed in May 2014.

  •  Construction of the path from Redwood Station to Willowbank Park was completed in March 2014.
  • Work in Redwood Station car park was completed in March 2014. This work involved widening the existing footpath to allow the dual use of people walking and on bikes on a path separated from the parked cars.
  • The construction of a bridge over the Porirua Stream at the Willowbank Park end of the pathway was the last element of the pathway to be completed. This allows connection to Willowbank Park and out into the street network through Boscobel Lane. 
  • The path was also connected to Zande Terrace and the Takapu Railway Station.

More information

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Safe and Sustainable Transport Manager

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