District Licensing Committee

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Area of focus

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (Act) requires the Council to appoint 1 or more District Licensing Committees to deal with licensing matters.

District Licensing Committee/s are appointed to administer the Council’s alcohol licensing framework as determined by the Act and the Council’s Local Alcohol Policy.

Terms of reference (delegations)

The functions of District Licensing Committees are specified by the Act and are:

  1. To consider and determine applications for licenses and manager’s certificates; and
  2. To consider and determine applications for renewal of licences and manager’s certificates; and
  3. To consider and determine applications for temporary authority to carry on the sale and supply of alcohol in accordance with section 136 of the Act; and
  4. To consider and determine applications for the variation, suspension, or cancellation of special licences; and
  5. To consider and determine applications for the variation of licences (other than special licences) unless the application is brought under section 280 of the Act (Note: section 280 relates to applications by constables or inspectors to the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority (ARLA) for the variation, suspension or cancellation of a licence, other than a special licence); and
  6. With the leave of the Chairperson for the licensing authority (ARLA), to refer applications to the licensing authority; and
  7. To conduct inquiries and to make reports as may be required of it by the licensing authority under section 175 of the Act; and
  8. Any other functions conferred on licensing committees by or under the Act or any other enactment.



  • Murray Clearwater (Commissioners)
  • Sir Douglas Kidd (Commissioner)
  • Rex Woodhouse (Commissioner)

Deputy Chairpersons

  • Cr Andy Foster
  • Cr Iona Pannett

Note: A Deputy Chairperson only acts as chairperson for the reasons in Section 189(3) of the Act.


  • Murray Clearwater (commissioner only)
  • Rex Woodhouse (commissioner only)
  • Sir Douglas Kidd (both commissioner and list member)
  • Zoe Doole
  • Mary Hubble
  • Sandra Kirby
  • Kiri Rikihana
  • Luke Tuffs
  • Kate Thomson


A quorum for opposed or objected licence or manager’s certificate applications is 3.

A quorum for unopposed and not objected to licence or manager’s certificate applications is 1 who must be the Chairperson.

Frequency of meetings

District Licensing Committee/s will meet on a weekly basis. They may meet more or less frequently as required to efficiently process licence and manager’s certificate applications.