Council payments process

Information on the Council's accounts payable process.

Wellington City Council has an automated payment process – this makes getting paid on time easy.

  1. Make sure you receive a purchase order number from your Council contact when the purchase is confirmed. Include the purchase order number on the invoice.
    Note: only use one purchase order number per invoice.
  2. Attach your invoice as a PDF to a plain text email and send to:
    Your invoice will be received, electronically matched against our records and then processed for payment.
    Note: if the purchase order number or any other required information is missing, you will receive an automated email requesting that this information is provided.
  3. Your invoice will be paid as per the agreed payment terms. See our standard terms of trade.

To ensure timely payment please remember the following:

  • Address the invoice to: Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
  • Use the correct purchase order number on the invoice, ie it will be: Pxxxxxxx, x being 7 digits
  • If it is a tax invoice, make sure it complies with the IR requirements for a tax invoice
  • Attach the invoice as a PDF to a plain text email (standard fonts, no other attachments, images or logos, no hyperlinks) and email it to:
  • Alternatively, invoices can be posted to PO Box 682, Wellington 6140
  • Notify us at as soon as possible if you have recently made any changes to your details (eg GST, address, bank account) or to your invoice format (eg changed from MYOB to Xero) so we can update our records.

After receiving your invoice, it will be paid as per the agreed payment terms.

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